Meet Beth

My name is Beth Wyatt. I am an experienced aromatherapist, herbalist, advanced massage therapist and reiki master teacher.

Although I completed my NVQs Levels 2 and 3 in beauty therapy more than 13 years ago, I have always used and loved my beloved essential oils. But it wasn't until in 2022, when I fell and badly broke both my ankles while my youngest child was just 12 weeks old, that I leaned deeply into my aromatherapy and reiki practice.

During that time, I used oils to create pain-relieving blends and the reiki energy kindly given to me by a good friend and reiki master for pain relief and healing. The course of those actions changed my path forever.

I opened The Botanical Apothecary as soon as I could stand unaided, my entire focus and passion is to help others the ways the oils, blends and healing energy helped me.

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Your safe place and sanctuary

Us humans are more overworked, stressed out and emotionally drained than ever before. Within these Apothecary walls I have created a sanctuary, a safe place where you can leave your stresses, responsibilities at the door.

In here you are not a mam or dad, not a brother, sister, a carer or a worker. Not a CEO, a boss or a manager, not a worker or a student. You are a meat-covered skeleton, riding a floating rock and within these walls your soul will be soothed, your mind will be still, you will have the rest you deserve.

Relax and de-stress with a deep tissue, Swedish, aromatherapy or full body hot stone massage. Relieve pain and unlock the restorative power of reiki with one of my private healing treatments.

Request or create your own essential oil blend, book an outdoor reiki retreat, or arrange a magical gathering with friends and family to celebrate a soon-to-be-born baby. I have crafted these exclusive experiences to make you feel extra special.

Find out more about me and the holistic and massage therapies I offer here.

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