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Cupping therapy

How can Cupping therapy help you?

What is Cupping therapy and how does it work? Cupping therapy is a holistic therapy that I offer at Botanical Apothecary. It is an ancient Chinese medical practise, one of the oldest in the world dating back to as early…

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Sound healing in South Shields

Sound healing comes to the North East in South Shields

Sound plays a big part in our lives. If you have ever listened to a piece of instrumental or electronic music and felt instantly happy, energised or suddenly sad, you will know what I mean. Sound has the ability to…

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bespoke blended aromatherapy oil

The best essential oils for allergies – find a hay fever cure

Looking for a hay fever cure to help you with your pollen allergy or grass allergy this spring and summer? Pollen season can be a nightmare if you suffer with symptoms of severe hay fever. Clients often ask me about…

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therapies and massages by Botanical Apothecary

What is Swedish massage and what can it do for you?

New to massage and wondering what a Swedish massage is and how it differs from deep tissue massage? If you would like to find out more about what this classic full body massage includes, what is different about it and…

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reiki treatments

What are the benefits of reiki massage?

Reiki massage combines reiki and hot stone massage to heal, calm and restore your body. How often you come for reiki massage depends on your needs. We will work together to find the optimum number of sessions and gaps between…

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perfect blend bespoke aromatherapy oils

The benefits of aromatherapy, and why it’s right for you

The benefits of aromatherapy are many and varied. They include physical, mental and emotional improvements. But what is aromatherapy, how does it work and why should you use it? Aromatherapy involves using essential oils made from the leaves, fruit, stems,…

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aromatherapy oils perfect blend

Aromatherapy oils – the perfect blend experience

What are essential oils used in aromatherapy? You may have heard about bespoke aromatherapy essential oils and be wondering how you can use these. Essential oils are made from plants. These concentrated extracts are a complex mixture of natural chemicals…

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Massage in South Shields

Deep tissue massage in South Shields

Reduce pain, relieve stress, feel better. Find out more about the benefits of deep tissue massage and book a treatment with me in South Shields.

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