What is Swedish massage and what can it do for you?

New to massage and wondering what a Swedish massage is and how it differs from deep tissue massage? If you would like to find out more about what this classic full body massage includes, what is different about it and how it can benefit you: read on.

What does Swedish massage include?

Swedish massage is an approach to a full body massage that includes five main strokes. I combine these to provide a deeply relaxing and stimulating massage experience that will leave you feeling great.

The five strokes that I use for the Swedish massage technique are:

  • Effleurage – long, light relaxing strokes used over the arms, back and legs
  • Pettrissage – deep kneading and squeezing motions to remove knots and improve circulation
  • Friction – applying pressure through my fingertips to release tight areas, particularly around your joints
  • Tapotement – stimulating rhythmic tapping with the fingers, sides of hands, cupped hands or fists boosting your immune system
  • Vibration – using small vibrations this slow stroke can stimulate your nerves and help release stress

What is the difference between a Swedish massage and a regular massage?

Swedish massage is a gentler form of full body massage that aims to relax and destress you while relieving tension in your body. I mix the strokes to form a soothing experience that is not as deep or penetrating as a deep tissue massage which may be targeting specific areas.

The massage usually starts on your back, moving onto your neck and shoulders, arms and legs as well as your feet.

What does a Swedish massage do?

Swedish massage is a really relaxing massage that can help boost your mind, body and mood. Specific benefits you can experience include:

  • Feeling happier – serotonin and dopamine are released by your brain which boosts your mood
  • Strengthened immunity – pain and stress are released from your body
  • Moving better – loosening tight muscles and joints and reducing pain
  • A better night’s sleep due to higher serotonin levels after your massage
  • Fewer tension headaches and migraines

Interested in experiencing benefits like these? Get in touch and book a Swedish massage appointment with me. Regular massages can help improve your flexibility and outlook on life. You deserve it!

What to expect during and after a Swedish massage?

If you’re not used to having massages you might be wondering what to wear. I will leave you to get undressed and get under the sheet. It’s your choice as to what you wear. Some people are happy to be completely naked, while others prefer to wear their underwear. If you are still not comfortable there is the option to wear something really loose fitting that won’t restrict the massage.

Some people get headaches after they have had a massage. This is less likely after a Swedish massage that a deep tissue massage however it is still important to take steps to prevent this. Drinking water before and after your treatment is one of the best ways to prevent a headache from developing.

You might feel some discomfort in areas where more pressure was applied. Take it easy. Continue to relax at home, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals while your body adjusts after all the stimulation it has had.

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