Deep tissue massage in South Shields

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is an approach to massage therapy that I use at The Botanical Apothecary. It uses strong pressure and slow, deep massage strokes and movements to relieve tension and muscle tightness with the aim of relaxing your body and reducing pain.

This type of massage works your muscles and connective tissue. The areas of the body that we concentrate on during your massage will typically be your neck, back, buttocks, arms, legs and feet. This therapeutic massage is a great way to alleviate generalised muscle discomfort associated with back, neck and shoulders caused by work or lifestyle, as well as targeting specific areas where you may be experiencing pain caused by strain or injury.

An intense, advanced deep tissue massage with me, at The Botanical Apothecary, lasts for 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Book now.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage has several physical and emotional benefits. It

  1. treats and reduces pain – including chronic pain and arthritis. The psychological and emotional benefits of this are enormous. Start feeling like you again, before pain got in the way.
  2. improves flexibility and increases joint mobility – helping you move more and get back to doing the things you used to take for granted.
  3. breaks down scar tissue and promotes healing throughout your body, reducing the impact of injury and strain on your life.
  4. helps you feel and sleep better by giving your brain a serotonin boost and reducing stress caused by pain and the muscle tension you’ve been carrying around.

Why am I the right massage therapist for you?

Finding a good massage therapist is no different to finding your perfect hairdresser. You are looking for someone who listens, takes time to understand your goals and leaves you feeling fabulous after a treatment in beautiful surroundings.

That’s why each and every treatment with me starts with a consultation. During the consultation we will look at how you are feeling, what you want to get out of the treatment and any specific areas we are going to target during your appointment. We will also cover any preferences you have as well as the outcomes from previous treatments – so that I can make sure that you get the most from your visit with me.

My beautifully decorated and equipped therapy rooms in South Shields have been specially designed to provide you with a clean, relaxing and inviting space for your treatment. With easy access and parking nearby, your visit will be an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

I will ask you to complete a consultation form in advance of your first treatment with me. You can find my consultation form here.

What is the difference between Swedish and deep tissue massage?

I offer both an advanced deep tissue massage and a full body Swedish massage. But what is the difference between them? How do you know which one is right for you right now and which should you choose?

The main differences between Swedish and my advanced deep tissue massage are:

  • the pressure
  • the outcome you want to achieve
  • the areas we focus on during the massage

Swedish massage is one of my most popular treatments. It is well known and requested for a reason. It is a wonderfully relaxing, all-round massage for your body. It is not as deep as a deep tissue massage but is deeply relaxing and helps relieve tension.

During your Swedish massage with me I will use a range of strokes and pinching movements to stimulate blood flow, improve lymph drainage, helping to remove toxins from your body, stimulate your skin and relax tired muscles.

My advanced deep tissue massage is a much firmer massage. The aim is to focus on much deeper layers, relieving pain and reducing stress. If you do a lot of sport, are a runner, have back or neck pain then the deep tissue massage is the one for you. The harder pressure targets muscles, tendons and connective tissue, promoting healing and increasing flexibility to help reduce future injuries.

Is deep tissue massage good for you?

The simple answer is, yes.  This massage gives you the same relaxing warm up as a traditional Swedish massage but has the added benefit of targeting painful areas of your body. But unlike other massages that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage aims to target pain, promote healing and reduce stiffness. This benefits not just your body but also your mind.

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

Reaching deeper, softer tissues does mean I need to be far firmer during one of these massages. Working on tight knots and applying deep pressure may mean that you might experience some discomfort in the painful areas we are targeting. It is not unusual to experience some aching after the massage, this shouldn’t last more than a day or two however.

What to do after your deep tissue massage

After care, following your massage is important to promote healing and address knots and tightness between treatments. After your deep tissue massage, you should:

  • Take it easy, don’t rush. You might feel a bit lightheaded and your muscles will feel a bit tender. I will leave you alone, so take time to sit up and get into a standing position before getting dressed.
  • Drink water, both immediately after your massage and when you get home. The work we have done will have released stored toxins into your body and increased your lymph drainage. Drinking water can help flush these away and reduce inflammation.
  • Eat a small, healthy snack to help boost your energy and give you vital nutrients.
  • Have a relaxing bath. Add Epsom salts to help relax you further, reduce soreness and improving circulation after your massage.
  • Relax at home. Put your feet up, rest and restore by doing something calming, extending the relaxation benefits of your massage.

Book an appointment for an advanced deep tissue massage with me

Use my online booking system to book an appointment with me. Choose from a 60 or 90 minute massage. Get in touch with me if you have any further questions.

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