Aromatherapy oils – the perfect blend experience

What are essential oils used in aromatherapy?

You may have heard about bespoke aromatherapy essential oils and be wondering how you can use these. Essential oils are made from plants. These concentrated extracts are a complex mixture of natural chemicals that can be used to benefit our bodies. Each oil has a unique make-up and can be used for a specific purpose. For example, tea tree can be used to treat athletes’ foot or to boost a weakened immune system, while vanilla is helpful for headaches and for treating general aches and pains. The benefits of essential oils are released during aromatherapy treatments.

How are essential oils used in aromatherapy?

This can be through inhalation or through applying the oils to the skin and during a massage treatment. A diffuser or steam bath, where drops of the oil are added to hot water and inhaled, are two common ways to use essential oils through inhalation.  The molecules from the oil are breathed in through the nose and mouth and go to work within the body.

Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin. I use essential oils in my aromatherapy massage. I select and dilute the essential oils, as these are very strong, and should never be applied directly to the skin, using what is known as a carrier oil. This could be almond or olive oil, creating a unique massage oil which I then use.

Essential oils have a subtle effect on our mind and body and aromatherapy is the perfect way to unlock their healing, soothing or stimulating properties.

How can I learn to blend essential oils for skin?

As you can imagine, there is a lot to learn in aromatherapy and to train as a qualified aromatherapist. I do offer bespoke aromatherapy oil blends. If you would like to learn to create a signature aromatherapy oil blend of your own, to use at home however, I also offer workshops where you can learn to make your own.

Book my Perfect Blend Experience with a friend and enjoy an informative, hands-on workshop with me. The session includes tea and home baked cake and you will leave with your own blend to use at home.

What is the best smelling aromatherapy essential oil blend?

Not all aromatherapy oils smell beautiful. Their strength comes from the high concentration of natural chemicals they contain. Lavender is, according to research, the most popular essential oil. It has a huge number of benefits including helping with sleep, mood, anxiety and depression. It also smells gorgeous!

Making the perfect aromatherapy essential oil blend for you

Making the perfect aromatherapy essential oil blend means I will spend time with you – either face to face in my treatment room or via a video call. During my consultation we will discuss your needs and I will create a blend for you.

Use the form on my website to request your own bespoke aromatherapy oil. Select from a range of common ailments and outcomes or let me know that you would like help with something that is not listed. The list includes wanting to feel calmer, sleep better, and reduce facial or skin redness using essential oils.

Alternatively, arrange a bespoke aromatherapy blend call with me – get in touch to get started.

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