What are the benefits of reiki massage?

Reiki massage combines reiki and hot stone massage to heal, calm and restore your body. How often you come for reiki massage depends on your needs. We will work together to find the optimum number of sessions and gaps between them to benefit you. 

What is reiki and how is it done?

Reiki harnesses energy to heal the body. It has its roots in Japan and is practiced all around the world today. During a reiki massage treatment session I will use my hands to share healing energy with you. Find out more about reiki and my approach.

What is reiki good for?

Reiki has a wide range of benefits for your body. I use my hands on or just above your body to facilitate the free flow and balance of energy throughout your body. This relaxes you and promotes healing while giving you a feeling of extreme calm and wellbeing.

What is the difference between reiki massage and reiki healing?

During your 60- or 90-minute reiki massage I will combine a hot stone treatment with reiki. During the massage heated stones are placed in targeted locations on your body, relieving pain and providing a soothing release for stress. I use the stones to work across your body while balancing energy within your body, harnessing healing energy and transferring it through my hands. After the massage you will feel deeply relaxed, energised and renewed.

The application of hot stones is what differentiates the reiki massage from traditional reiki healing. During those sessions I use my hands and gentle touch to guide the energy through your body.

Find out more about my reiki massages, reiki healing and Babymoon packages.

How do you prepare for your reiki treatment?

You will get so much more out of your reiki session if you are in a relaxed state, both physically and mentally, before your treatment begins. I would always advise that you leave yourself plenty of time to get to me so that you arrive un-rushed and as calm as possible. If you can, take some time out before your session just to relax, breath and prepare yourself for an even deeper experience.

It’s important not to rush headfirst back to work or back into the stresses of everyday life after your session. You want to make sure that the energy in your body remains positive so that you can reap the benefits. Things you can do to prolong this include:

  • Taking it easy – resist the temptation to rush or dive back into your ‘to do’ list
  • Being mindful – stay in the moment for as long as possible
  • Treat your body well – eat healthily and avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco

Reiki massage and outdoor reiki retreats near Newcastle upon Tyne

Visit me in South Shields for reiki massage. I also run a range of outdoor reiki retreats. These include:

  • A full moon early morning beach reiki session
  • A new moon beach reiki session
  • Private 1-2-1 beach reiki
  • A secret reiki ramble

Find out more about my reiki retreats near Newcastle.

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