How can Cupping therapy help you?

What is Cupping therapy and how does it work?

Cupping therapy is a holistic therapy that I offer at Botanical Apothecary. It is an ancient Chinese medical practise, one of the oldest in the world dating back to as early as 1550BC. It works by heating up the air inside a glass cup with fire and applying it to the skin to create a vacuum.

During your fire cupping therapy, we will apply cups on the upper back, lower back, shoulders stomach and legs or any area of the body that you request depending on individual pains and aches and will promote healing and is a great way to alleviate generalised muscle discomfort caused by work or lifestyle.

We offer dry fire cupping here at Botanical Apothecary, where cups will be applied to the skin for several minutes at a time. There are two treatments offered here, a 60-minute treatment or a longer 90 minute treatment. It is a very relaxing therapy that warms the skin and feels like a massage when the cups are moved around on the skin.

What are the benefits of Dry Fire Cupping?

Dry fire cupping has many benefits to the body, both internal and external, and promotes healing, which is helpful for sporting injuries or chronic pains. Some more benefits include:

  • Increasing blood circulation and flow around the body, making you less tired and more able to exercise without annoying aches and pains, getting you back to your pain free self.
  • It can be used to reduce cellulite all over the body. The pressure applied by the cups helps cellulite break down and promotes cell repair.
  • Cupping therapy is said to unblock the body’s natural chi. Chi is the natural energy that flows through your body, helping you feel spiritually and emotionally balanced. Whatever you believe, cupping therapy will relax and sooth you.
  • Alleviates all sorts of aches and pains you may be experiencing by getting deep into the muscles. You are in charge of which areas you would like to focus on during your treatment here at Botanical Apothecary. See consultation form.
  • Suffer from migraines? Cupping therapy can help reduce migraines. It targets and relieves the tension and pressure build ups in the neck and lower back.
  • It can also relieve cold symptoms. So, if you come to your appointment feeling a little under the weather, you’ll leave feeling renewed and relaxed.

Is Cupping safe and does it hurt?

Cupping therapy is completely safe and will not harm your body in the long term. It will only have positive effects. Cupping therapy aims to help you, not hinder you. It is a relaxing process that will help you feel renewed like any other massage would. Most clients focus on back pains and say they notice immediate pain alleviation after just one session.

Cupping therapy may seem daunting at first, as will most things with the name “fire” in them. But cupping will not burn your skin, there is no risk of burning at all. When the cups come in contact with the skin, they will feel warm – think of it like a hot stone being applied. Dry and wet cupping are two different types of cupping therapy. I offer dry cupping here at Botanical Apothecary. In wet cupping, the skin is pricked with an acupuncture needle before the cup is applied. Wet cupping is not something I offer. Contact Beth for more information.

You may be left with light bruising when the cups are removed. These marks will fade in 3 – 7 days and will not leave any damage to the skin.

I would not recommend this therapy for people with heart or kidney problems. If you are pregnant, you should refrain from cupping therapy to the lower back and abdomen. People who suffer from eczema or psoriasis should speak to one of our team members before cupping therapy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

What to do after your fire cupping therapy appointment?

Following your appointment, we recommend you:

  • Drink water, both immediately after your therapy and when you get home. The work we have done will have released stored toxins into your body and increased your lymph drainage. Drinking water can help flush these away and reduce inflammation.
  • Stay warm and try to keep the areas we have focused on covered so they can rest.
  • Have a relaxing bath. Add Epsom salts to help relax you further if you choose. A bath with reduce any soreness and continue improve circulation after your massage.
  • Relax at home. Put your feet up, rest and restore by doing something calming, extending the relaxation benefits of your massage.  

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