Sound healing comes to the North East in South Shields

Sound plays a big part in our lives. If you have ever listened to a piece of instrumental or electronic music and felt instantly happy, energised or suddenly sad, you will know what I mean. Sound has the ability to change how we feel, which is why sound healing is such an effective wellbeing tool.

I am delighted to be adding sound therapy to my treatment list. I am looking forward to working with my clients across South Shields and the wider North East to enable more people to experience the rejuvenating and healing power of sound.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing has been used for centuries, by different cultures around the world. But all for the same purpose: healing and restoring the body, spirit and mind.

How does sound frequency healing work?

Vibrations from different frequencies have different effects on our thinking, mood and body.  Sound frequency healing is based on the belief and understanding that different frequencies and their vibrations impact our bodies in certain ways. I love this article from the Daily Dish – explaining these frequencies and the benefits of each. This includes the healing frequency 174Hz. Recognised as a tension and pain reliever, this frequency is so beneficial for you if you suffer from pain within your body – whether that is joint, injury, back pain or headaches. You can hear the nine healing frequencies here.

What does a sound healer do?

A sound healer uses a range of instruments to create tones and vibrations to relax, soothe and promote healing within the body.

These include Tibetan singing bowls which you may have seen before. Monks in Tibet have been using these bowls for centuries. The bowls, made out of bronze alloy or crystal are designed and shaped to produce a specific tone and vibration. This occurs when it is struck or rubbed with a crystal or wooden mallet, tipped with leather, silicone or rubber.

Depending on the result you want to achieve during your sound therapy, I will use and combine specific sound frequencies to create a sound bath, helping you to feel relaxed and content while rebalancing your nervous system and relieving pain.

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is exactly what it sounds like. It involves immersing you, bathing your mind and senses, in relaxing, therapeutic sound waves. Tibetan singing bowls are placed around and on your body, so that the sound, as they are played, envelopes you.

The aim is to move you into a state where you are completely at ease, letting go of any stress, pain and concerns. Don’t worry if you ‘zone out’ during the session – your brain will move from its waking state to a meditative state – that’s what we want. After your sound bath you will feel completely relaxed and even restored.

Who should try sound bath meditation and sound therapy?

When we talk or think about healing the body we so often think of the physical. Sound therapy is hugely beneficial to our bodies. Research has shown it to help with sleep, lower high blood pressure, cholesterol the risk of heart disease as well as reduce chronic pain.

But it can also be used to treat stress and anxiety related disorders, PTSD and depression. I like this article exploring the benefits of sound baths.

Be one of the first to experience these healing frequencies

Sound healing therapy treatments are coming soon to the Botanical Apothecary. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign-up for my newsletter if you haven’t already. You will be the first to hear when appointments become available.

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